Genesis Style Shortcodes

The Genesis Style Shortcodes plugin enables you to easily add button, content box, and column shortcodes to the posts and pages of your Genesis child theme. View the demo.

This plugin utilizes shortcodes. In this case, they are an alternative to adding the styles via CSS, which many people are not comfortable touching (I will soon add a page on how to add these same styles using the CSS, which I highly recommend learning if you have the time).


Download the zip, then upload the /genesis-style-shortcodes/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or you can do this via Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Once uploaded, be sure to activate it.

How to use:


The button shortcode is:

[gss-button]Button Text[/gss-button]

displays: Button Text

Simple, right? Well in most cases you will need to add a link to your button, well here’s how:

[gss-button url="#"]Button Text[/gss-button]

Just replace the “#” with your URL.

Now let’s say you wanted to have your button link open in a new window:

[gss-button url="#" target="_blank"]Button Text[/gss-button]

Now for the fun part – colors!

There are 7 available colors: gray, brown, black, blue, orange, green, and red.

You can change your button’s color(if left blank it will default to gray) by adding the color attribute to your shortcode like so:

[gss-button url="#" target="_blank" color="blue"]Button Text[/gss-button]

which displays: Button Text

Content Boxes

[gss-content-box]Content box text.[/gss-content-box]


Content box text.


There are 6 available colors: blue, gray, green, purple, red and yellow.

[gss-content-box color="red"]Content box text.[/gss-content-box]


Content box text.


NOTE: The column shortcodes will only work work if you have the necessary CSS in your theme’s style.css file. The CSS was not included in this plugin because it is now included in every StudioPress theme release, and will be included in my own themes as well. If your theme does not have the CSS, you can find it here.

Credit: The included column shortcodes are the same as used by the outstanding Column Shortcodes for Genesis Child Themes plugin by Cathy Tibbles.

Available shortcodes:

[one-half first] and [one-half]
[one-third first] and [one-third]
[one-fourth first] and [one-fourth]
[one-fifth first] and [one-fifth]
[one-sixth first] and [one-sixth]

Example adding two columns:

[one-half first]Your first column content[end-column][one-half]Your second column content[end-column]


Your first column content
Your second column content

Remember to end each column with the end-column shortcode or it will not work!

Closing Note

This plugin is in its early stages and will be continually updated with new shortcodes so be sure to check back for updates!

Download Genesis Style Shortcodes