What Credit Card Is The Most Beneficial For Students

Students form a very particular group of clients. Banks understand they rarely have income. That is why usually they are not allowed to open a credit card until they are 21 years old. If students want to get the plastic earlier, they need to show they have a source of income.

As far as students usually do not earn much, their loans, as a rule, are not that big. Banks simply won’t approve loan lines larger than some certain limit. However, the customers can enjoy many other benefits the credit plastics propose. In order to get the maximum of those, it is important to read in detail what rewards each particular card gives.

Journey Students Rewards is the plastic every student will benefit from. It is easy to qualify for such a plastic. On top of that, it offers some really attractive bonuses.

Journey Students Rewards from Capital One

Capital One is one of the most popular US cards issuing companies. It creates attractive credit card offers. The students are considered as the target customers for this bank. That is why they are offered the Journey plastic. Here are the main advantages of it:

  • There is no annual fee. This is particularly beneficial. It is quite rare that the card is offered at 0 dollar annual fee.
  • It’s easy to qualify for such a plastic. An accurate personal record will be just enough to qualify for such a card.
  • There is 0% Annual Percent Rate for the first several months the person uses the card. That is quite attractive. However, if the client uses the plastics for a long period of time, his APR will get as high as 24 %.
  • Fraud coverage is available if the plastic gets stolen. It often happens that the students lose their cards. Capital One won’t charge you if the card is stolen or lost.
  • The customer can choose the monthly due date. If a person uses credit money, he has to make monthly payments each month. The user of Journey plastic can choose the most comfortable date for him.
  • The plastic offers attractive bonuses. The person can even get a cashback. With Journey plastic the customer receives 1% money return from each single purchase.
  • There is no foreign transaction fee. This feature is particularly valuable for the students as some of them have to travel a lot. So, if they pay abroad by Journey plastic there will be no transaction fee charges that bank usually takes when the client pays with US card abroad.

These are the most attractive features Journey plastic offers. You are much advised to open such a card and to use it extensively. Students have to learn to use financial and banking products wisely from a young age, and this card is a perfect instrument for this purpose.

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  1. When I was a student I have a Capital One card – this is a very good and convenient credit card!

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