How to Protect Your Credit Card from Thieves in 2018

Credit cards are considered as ones of the easiest to steal. In order to use credit card money, the thief does not actually have to possess the plastic in his hands. Card number and CVV code will allow him to use the plastic.

There are two ways how the thief can take the money from the stolen plastic:

  • using the stolen plastic in the shops, restaurants etcetera.
  • using the bank card details to make purchases online.

Though the number of cards stolen grows every day, there are simple ways to protect yourself from it. You simply be more attentive and use the next tips.

How to enhance your card security

The best way to stop the thief to enjoy the benefits of your card is to:

  • Always use credit plastic. Debit plastics are also good. But as far as the bank borrows its money for your loan, it will be more vigilant about the transactions that are done by the credit plastic.
  • Review your card balance several times per week. That is the tip that is particularly important to follow. Each person remembers what purchases he did, so if you find out your plastic was used for a transaction you did not do, report it to the bank. It will have to return your money back.
  • Sign your plastic. Many people forget to sign their plastics. They think Personal Identification Number gives a better protection. Though, it is not the case. The sellers in Europe ask the clients to sign the receipts. If the signatures on receipt and the plastic do not match, the seller can call the police and report about the unauthorized use of credit card.
  • Use complicated passwords combinations. Very often people underestimate the necessity to create strong passwords. They use very simple combinations that can be easily guessed. So, for the thieves it takes minutes to withdraw money from the ATM, having guessed the PIN code.

These tips should be followed by every person who wants to protect himself from thieves and immense money loss. Each person should take these pieces of advice into consideration.

How to protect your plastic from scanners

In order to enhance the protection of modern credit cards, there are more pieces of advice to remember.

  • Ask your bank if it can change your chip bank plastic into a simple one. The thing is that today almost all plastics contain various types of chips. Chip transmits card information through radio frequency identification system. So, a thief can scan your plastics staying one-two meters near you. It will take you time to understand your card information was stolen.
  • Put your plastics into fabric or aluminum foils. Such additional protection won’t let the thieves read your card’s information with their smartphones or any other devices. It will be just impossible,
  • Put two plastics in one pocket of your wallet. When two plastics are kept together the thief can’t get the plastic details. The information is not readable.

Use these tips to keep in safety your card details, The safety of money depends on many factors. It also depends much on the cardholder. It is his personal responsibility to protect his belonging.

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