Visa or Mastercard: Which card to choose

When people are asked which bank card they prefer, they often reply: Visa or Mastercard. Though, they are not actually the bank cards. These are two worlds recognized payment systems.

What is important to understand that they both were developed in the US. Each of them is accepted finely well in America, Europe or any other corner of the world. Usually, the shops accept both types of cards unless the store has a particular agreement with Visa or Mastercard.

Such types of agreements are quite beneficial for businesses. The shop that accepts only Visa plastics, for example, gets a certain percentage of clients’ purchases from Visa company. That is why particularly large medium and large businesses enter into agreements with financial institutions.

What types of Visa cards exist

Though Visa and Mastercard are payment systems, they still struggle to attract the clients. They do it the same way the banks do it. They propose additional bonuses and loyalty programs.

Visa plastics offer three different levels of rewards:

  • Basic. With basic rewards plan, the client can get collision damage coverage, various purchase warranties and enjoy emergency assistance.
  • Signature offers a more advanced level of plastic usage. Additionally to all benefits Basic users enjoy, the clients get 24/7 concierge assistance and access to the online portal. The online portal presents various discounts Visa users can get.
  • Infinite plastics are designed for top-rated clients. They get all the bonuses every Signature card user has, plus they enjoy loyalty programs and get additional discounts.

These the main benefits the Visa plastic gives. If you understand the services the plastic offers are valuable to you, choose a Visa card.

Mastercard types

Mastercard also offers to the clients three plans: Basic, World, World Elite. The basic Mastercard, of course, costs the least. The World Elite costs the most. Here are what these offers are about:

  • Basic plan. Basic Mastercard offers emergency travel assistance, extended warranty, and auto rental collision coverage. What is the most important benefit, basic Mastercard plan guarantees the price protection. If you buy an item, and its price will get lower during 60 days, Mastercard will return you the difference.
  • World plan is more advanced. The client gets all the benefits the Basic plan clients have plus up to 120 days of price protection, and free additional services at some hotels.
  • Mastercard World plan is the most beneficial one. It offers discounts for airline tickets, at many hotels around the world and an opportunity to enjoy World Elite Cruise program. It gives a chance to buy the tickets for cruises for a lower price.

If you like the bonuses mentioned, choose a right type of Mastercard plastics. But both Visa and Mastercard are accepted around the world.