Which cards offer the best Cashback

Credit cards today are issued not only to give a client a loan, but also to give to the clients numerous benefits and advantages. One of the best benefits is cashback. The major plastics offer it.

Cashback options differ greatly from one plastic to another. It is important to read more details about it on your bank’s webpage. Pay attention to this information because it will determine how beneficial plastic usage will be for you.

What cash back is

Plastics usually offer a wide range of rewards and bonuses. That can be:

  • free airmiles;
  • cashback;
  • discounts.

People struggle to get one of these bonuses. Cashback is one of the most attractive ones.

Cards with the best money back options

Here are the plastics that offer fine bonuses and good cashback options:

  • Capital One Quick Silver Credit Card. Capital One offers attractive 150 dollars reward for the spending of 500 dollars after the first three months when the plastic was opened. The client gets as much as 1.5 % money back on every single purchase. That is a generous offer. The plastic also requires quite low APR that starts from 14 percent.
  • Discover it plastic gives even a higher return of money. The client can get up to 5 % return on purchases. Though, the offer is limited to buying in some groceries, restaurants and Amazon.com platform. For all the remaining purchases the client will get only 1 % money back.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited. This plastic offers stable 1.5 % return on every spending. That is really advantageous. Annual Percent Rate is also very attractive for the first 15 months. It is 0%. After 15th months it goes up to 24 %.
  • Chase Freedom is offered at 0 percent annual fee, what makes it particularly beneficial. The client can get up to 150% on every purchase.  The client gets lower cashback than with Citi Freedom Unlimited, but it is still fine. It is equal to 1 %. Moreover, the clients get up to 5% money return on combined purchases equal to 1 500 dollars.
  • Bank of America Cash Reward Plastic. Though it is quite hard to open the plastic, the bonuses are quite attractive. The plastic offers 1 % money return on major purchases, 2 % at groceries stores and 3% for buying at the gas stations.

These cards are quite recommended to get if you would like to enjoy cashback bonuses. On top, each of this plastics offers more rewards. That is why each of them is worth opening.


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