Standard vs. Gold Credit Card

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The financial market offers very diversified products. First of all, all financial products are classified depending on the suggested possibilities of the client. Therefore, there are three major types of bank cards:

  • standard;
  • gold;
  • platinum.

These three types were developed for different kinds of clients. Standard is the most basic card, and platinum is considered to be the most beneficial in many aspects. The majority of people use either standard or gold cards, check this Leadsgate review.

What Credit Card Is The Most Beneficial For Students

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Students form a very particular group of clients. Banks understand they rarely have income. That is why usually they are not allowed to open a credit card until they are 21 years old. If students want to get the plastic earlier, they need to show they have a source of income.

As far as students usually do not earn much, their loans, as a rule, are not that big. Banks simply won’t approve loan lines larger than some certain limit. However, the customers can enjoy many other benefits the credit plastics propose. In order to get the maximum of those, it is important to read in detail what rewards each particular card gives.

How to Protect Your Credit Card from Thieves in 2018

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Credit cards are considered as ones of the easiest to steal. In order to use credit card money, the thief does not actually have to possess the plastic in his hands. Card number and CVV code will allow him to use the plastic.

There are two ways how the thief can take the money from the stolen plastic:

Visa or Mastercard: Which card to choose

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When people are asked which bank card they prefer, they often reply: Visa or Mastercard. Though, they are not actually the bank cards. These are two worlds recognized payment systems.

What is important to understand that they both were developed in the US. Each of them is accepted finely well in America, Europe or any other corner of the world. Usually, the shops accept both types of cards unless the store has a particular agreement with Visa or Mastercard.

Which cards offer the best Cashback

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Credit cards today are issued not only to give a client a loan, but also to give to the clients numerous benefits and advantages. One of the best benefits is cashback. The major plastics offer it.

Cashback options differ greatly from one plastic to another. It is important to read more details about it on your bank’s webpage. Pay attention to this information because it will determine how beneficial plastic usage will be for you.

Defining Your Style

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Recently I took a step back and asked my self:

Whats my style?

This led to a slew of other questions: What principles do I stand for? What makes me unique?